Discover our  vast collection of high quality vests for men. They are made in the finest natural fibers and designed for maximum comfort.

How our vests are made

All of our vests are made only in natural fibers, to guarantee comfort and also because these materials are believed to be beneficial to our health. We have a wide selection of vests, enabling you to choose the most suitable fabric according to the weather conditions. Our selection ranges from Merino wool to pure silk, including cashmere and silk mix,  wool and silk mix and Lisle cotton yarn. All of our vests are sewn with maximum care by skiled workers. Most of our vests are mede using a tubular fabric, in this way we eliminate the side seams, consequently producing a far more comfortable garment. Our collection offers various types of shoulder strap narrow, intermediate and wide to meet every dressing need. All of our models are developed using CAD design system, thus insuring maximum precision on each garment.

The qualities of our vests

All of our fabrics are made in house from the finest natural fibers. We select those of the highest quality and they are used to produce our fabric. Most of the threads are already dyed to ensure a solid and long lasting colour. There are some luxurious fibers such as cashmere which are used in their natural colour in order not to riun the fiber. Our vests are made in many different types of knitted fabric; in winter time, the most commonly used is ribbed, it is soft and smooth, it also is very elastic, comfortable and warm. Instead, in summer time we use Lisle cotton yarn, which can be produced in either a ribbed or Jersey fabric. These two fabrics are slightly different; the ribbed is a bit heavier but more fitted, the jersey is ultra light, perfect for hot weather.

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Showing all 22 results