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Cashmere and silk

Cashmere and silk

Cashmere and silk is a luxurious fiber, the cashmere comes from the fur of Hircus goats, its hand is extremely soft, very velvety and also warm.

goats for the cashmere and silk production

The origins of cashmere

The name cashmere comes from the KASHMIR region, which is a disputed territory divided between China, Pakistan and India. Originally this fiber was used by  Asian mountain sheperds to line the inside of their tents also for clothes to protect them from the freezing cold; despite the legend which tells that cashmere was known since the Roman empire, it’s in fact only towards the 1800’s that its popularity  started to spread thanks to English and French commercial companies.

cashmere and silk(Kashmir)

Charateristics of cashmere and silk

The most noteworthy charateristics of this fiber come from the tougth climatical conditions in which the Hircus goats live; in winter the temperature can reach – 30°. (celsius); to protect themselves from these conditions, the goats, underneath their external rough fur, have developed another layer of fur which is very soft and dense named DUVET. The secret of the softness of cashmere lays in the finesse of the fibers, which measure  only 14 microns while in contrast, the Merino wool fibers measure nearly double (24 microns); due to the density of the duvet, the natural air chamber, which is typical in all wool fibers, is amplified  significantly, creating a perfect insulation.

cashmere and silk


The precious cashmere fibers, are collected from the  Hircus goats in spring, when the climate conditions are favourable; using a specific comb, the goats are combed in the belly area and also under the throat where the duvet is denser and softer; this process is respectful and non invasive; it yields an average of 150/200 grams of the highest quality cashmere.

cashmere and silk

Production of cashmere and silk

Italy is  the number one country in the world in terms of quantity and quality for transforming the fibers in thread and subsequently fabric; most noteworthy is the region of Piedmont, where in the areas of Biella and Valsesia, the most famous companies in the world are located. Here, the highest quality fibers (the extra long) are transformed; due to the unique water purity of the rivers Sesia and Cervo the final product is excellent.

cervo(Cervo river)

The addition of silk

To make the cashmere ideal for underwear production, we add 30% of  extra pure silk. As a result of this addiction, the thread becomes more resistent and better suited to the circular knitting machines, furthermore, the resulting fabric is extremely soft and more resistent; consequently, the underwear garments which are frequently washed have a longer life.


Some of our products made in cashmere and silk

Crew neck short sleeves

V – neck short sleeves

Crew neck long sleeves

V – neck long sleeves


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