About us – Visconti di Angera

The origin of Visconti di Angera

Visconti di Angera was founded in Milan in the April of 1977, in piazzale Archinto, behind the Garibaldi railway station, in the heart of the historic center called ISOLA.

Ingresso storico Visconti di Angera

(The original factory entrance)

These were very turbulent years, but with still the advantages of the 60’s economical boom, it was a very dangerous period to run a company due to the terrorism. These years became known as “the Years of  Lead” because they were heavy and grey. In this period a large number of entrepreneurs and politicians were kidnapped; the climate was not the best! Thanks to the entrepreneural skills of Vittorio Carletto and his wife Eugenia, they together with the help of his brother Alessandro started  and continued to produce high quality men’s underwear.



The mission of Visconti di Angera

The original idea was to produce for men what the brother company (LISANZA run by Alessandro) had been producing successfully for women. A new brand “Visconti di Angera” was created, the aim being to extend the underwear production of the famous brand LISANZA to the male market. The Lisanza brand is named after the small village close to Lago Maggiore where Alessandro’s company is based.

Origini del marchio Visconti di Angera

(Historical brand)

The concepts remain the same: top quality, in house production following made in Italy regulations, great attention to detail and a highly skilled work force.

lavorazioni in Visconti di Angera

Natural materials

Visconti di Angera choose the highest quality natural fibers and nothing is  as good as nature in creating perfection! Following this fondamental principle,LISANZA UOMO uses only top quality natural fibers; Australian Merino wool, Egyptian lisle cotton yarn, pure silk and cashmere.  These fibers are transformed into fabric in house using circular knitting machines, it is a slow process during which we rigorously control the quality.

tessitura Visconti di Angera

(Knitting machines)

The Visconti di Angera Collection

Visconti di Angera collection is very large; encompassing many different styles, ranging from pyjamas through to the classic underwear; socks, vests, boxers, longjohns and t-shirtsEvery garment is made in natural fibers, which are knitted, cut and assembled in house. Every single garment is hand made and individually controlled before leaving the factory, our men’s underwear is exclusive, produced for the men who are looking for elegance, comfort and the highest quality.


Nowadays, Visconti di Angera is run by the founders children, Paolo and Luisa, continuing  the family tradition.



The quality, and the precious fibers are fixed stones but many processes have been updated following the new technological advances, the patterns once drafted by hand, now are produced by CAD ; as a result, the precision of the cut and the subsequent fit of the garments has been improved. Using CAD system we are able to develop every style and size, and furthermore, as all the production is in house we can manufacture bespoke garments on client request, the cutting process is performed  using modern automatic table, which improves both  precision and productivity.

about us - cad

The only thing, truly irreplaceable, is the craftmanship of our workforce,  they are trained in our company and are pillar of all of our production; to them, we owe a big thank you, for their skills, their professionalism and their disponibility to acheive our goals; from it’s beginnings VISCONTI DI ANGERA has employed a local workforce, and this we will continue to do, our aim is to aid the local community and sustain the Italian economy!

Where we are

Visconti di Angera is located in the center of Angera, an ancient medieval town, we are situated just under Borromeo castle and close to the Lago Maggiore, we can be easily reached from Milan and Malpensa International Airport (MXP).


(The castle)

For a beautiful panoramic view, we would advise you to visit Borromeo castle (Rocca di Angera) in which you will find the famous doll museum.

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