Discover our incredible collection of high quality t-shirts for men. Made in only the finest natural fibers; our t-shirts are handmade and sewn with maximum attention to detail.

How our t-shirts are made

We have a wide selection of styles to meet every need, furthermore our t-shirts have a perfect fit which is the result of years of experience and passion. For instance we offer many different models; a deep V-neck which is invisible when worn under shirts; equally important is the crew neck style, here we offer three different options. First: the classic crew neck, second: a high ribbed border crew neck, and finally the very stylish two button opening. Likewise the sleeves can have different types of finishing depending on the final use. There are many possibilities, for instance they can have a high border that makes them fitted; this type of finishing is perfect for classic t-shirts, especially for those made in silk, cashmere or Merino wool. This model is ideal under jumpers. For the summer, the extra light Lisle cotton t- shirts have a classic loose hem.

Our Fabrics

Most of our t-shirt production, is made using tubular fabrics, consequently we can eliminate the side seams, to guarantee maximum comfort. All of our fabrics are made in-house, using the best natural fibers available. Our options range from Lisle cotton yarn to Merino wool  and include the luxurious pure silk and cashmere. The majority of our threads are already dyed to ensure the maximum strenght of the colour, which doesn’t fade during washing. The use of natural fibers, helps to avoid allergies and allows your body to breathe freely. In fact the main difference between synthetic and natural fibers is that the natural ones do not hold the bacteria that are in the perspiration of the body; consequently, there is no umpleasant smell that is typical of synthetic fibers.

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Showing all 38 results