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The origin of the t-shirt

The origin of the t-shirt began a long long time ago, there is some evidence that the Etruscan people used to wear a garment resembling the t-shirt. Also in the renaissance period there is proof of a similar garment. In this era the t-shirt was considered a workers garment it was ideal for manual labour due to its lack of a collar. It was only in the 1800’s that the t-shirt started to gain popularity; for instance the sailors began to use it as a a part of their uniform, with the charateristic horizontal stripes.

t-shirt sailors(Sailors)

It was around the 40’s that the United States decided to use this garment as a part of their armed forces uniform; the American presence in Europe due to the war, contributed to spread the t-shirt all around the continent. In this period the t-shirt continued to bea workers garment. We have to wait until the 50’s to see the changing role of the t-shirt, in these years it makes its first appearances as a fashion item and underwear for the general population. Its name comes from its shape which looks like the letter T.


The t-shirt and the cinema

In the late 50’s the wearing of the t-shirt was very widespread, mainly thanks to the popularity of the cinema where many of the filmmakers favoured this item of clothing using the wearing of this garment to add character to their controversial leading roles and subsequently a new way to wear the t-shirt was born and adopted by the younger generation. The two most iconic images are James Dean in the film “Rebel without a cause” and Marlon Brando in “A streetcar named desire” .

(James Dean and Marlon Brando)

The American cinema continued to use this item in its films; in the 70’s for example how can we not talk about “American Graffiti” a film directed and co-written  by George Lucas, where the leading actor wears a white t-shirt accesorized with a packet of camel cigarettes stored in the rolled up sleeve. Once again the t-shirt worn over the blue jeans became a symbol and a kind of uniform for the youth.

american graffiti

(American Graffiti cult film 70’s)

From the 80’s onwards the t-shirt became used for publicity purposes; in fact we start to see the first printed t-shirts, the themes are many and wide ranging; from political statements to souvenir holiday destinations and so it continues. The image of the t-shirt changed, it became a cult object and gift idea; following this concept even the marketing of the t-shirt changes; the sales became emotional not practical. Merchandising is born; the well known brands, famous rock bands and big american chains, (for example Hard Rock Cafè), created their exclusive designs; these became collector items also serving to spread the brand name. The t-shirt was given a new lease of life with the youth embracing this developement by stamping their messages on it.


t-shirt hard rock cafè(Hard rock cafè)

How it’s made

This garment can be made in many different fabrics, depending on its use and the final destination. For sure the most commonly used fiber is cotton but also wool and prestigious textiles like cashmere and silk can be used. Our company produces a wide selection of t-shirts to meet every need in the world of underwear; our style is classic and our garments are designed to fit the body and be worn under a shirt or a jumper without any constriction and maximum attention to comfort. There are many different models, including the crew neck, the V neck.

For the winter season we produce underwear in pure Merino wool, in silk, in cashmere and silk, and other mixes of these fibers; for this season we have a long sleeve option to add protection for the arms against the cold. Obviously in our collection we include the well known cotton t-shirts but in our case we have upgraded the quality by using Lisle cotton yarn, which is fresher and softer compared to normal cotton; these charateristics are fundamental for our luxurious underwear.


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