Special Discounts

Welcome to Visconti di Angera special discounts section. In this area, you will find a selection of our garments. They are sold at bargain prices, whilst still retaining our high level of quality.

In this section, you can discover our wide range of special discounts. Here you will find our end of series products. These garments, are in perfect condition, high quality and obviously brand new; but they are no longer in production. For example, one of the reasons why we are able to offer them at sale prices, could be that the garments are made in a colour that the market no longer deems fashionable. In the same way, the type of fabric which was used to make these items, has been taken out of production due to trends in the market.

Special discounts don’t affect the quality

You can take advantage and buy these top quality items at our sale prices, considerably cheaper than wholesale!  The precision of the cut and the top quality fabric we use, guarantees a perfect fit. All of our garments are made in house using only natural fibers. These natural materials, allow the body to breathe freely; furthermore, each detail has been studied and analysed in order to provide maximum comfort. Each garment is produced with maximum care, hand sewn by trained seamstresses even those we offer on special discounts!

These special discounts products are in limited supply, and sold on a first come first served basis. So hurry, don’t miss this golden opportunity to enter into the luxury underwear world at bargain prices.

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