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Since 1977 Visconti di Angera has been producing luxury underwear for men, following two philosofies: Made in Italy and the use of the highest quality natural fibers. Made in Italy is a symbol of great quality, ensuring that all the products are made entirely in Italy, or in our case in house; this allows us to control the quality and the availability of all the garments. All the production processes, for example pattern making, cutting and assembling are done in our factory, each item is hand made and individually controlled before leaving the factory.

All the models are constantly available, furthermore even though we continually create new designs, the classics will always remain; in fact we have an abundance of designs, in all sizes and most of the natural top quality materials. As the production is in house, Visconti di Angera can develop bespoke garments, on client request; with this possibility we can guarantee our clients the constant availability of their favourite models. Often, companies which produce abroad have difficulty in maintaining  constant production of their models; this is due to the large volume of pieces necessary to produce in countries where the cost of the labour is very low, where sadly often children are employed.

Visconti di Angera produces with pride in Italy, employing local people respecting the Italian labour laws.

A touch of luxury by Visconti di Angera

Visconti di Angera men’s underwear is exclusive, produced for the men who are looking for elegance, comfort and the highest quality. The perfection of the cut, the exclusivity of the fabric and the hand made details create long lasting luxury underwear. Top quality cashmere and silk, Australian Merino wool and Egyptian lisle cotton yarn are some of the most prestigious fibers we use.

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