Short Pyjamas

Discover our range of short pyjamas, all made in Lisle cotton yarn they are fresh, therefore perfect in summer and very comfortable.

How they are made

Thanks to the natural fibers which we use to make our fabric, and the great  deal of attention we pay to all of the small details, our short pyjamas are at the high end of the market, both in terms of design details, but most importantly quality. Our short pyjamas, are made using the CAD Design system, this process, allows us to produce very precise garments, with great symmertry, therefore guaranteeing a perfect fit. We have carefully studied and analysed all of the smaller details, for example the placement of buttons, in order to provide maxium comfort.

The short trousers are very soft, with a wide cut leg which finishes just above the knee. Furthermore they have an elasticated waistband which is covered in the same fabric to avoid any allegic problems. For the pyjamas top which have short sleeves finishing just above the elbow, we offer two different options; a shallow V neck and a crew neck with a three button opening which is very stylish. All of the short pyjama tops have a loose cut  body making them very easy to wear and very comfortable.

The Jersey fabric used to make our short pyjamas is made in house. The thread we use is pre dyed to ensure brightness and solidity of colour. Equally important it is fade resistance when washing. Furthermore the use of this top quality cotton like all natural fibers is beneficial for your health as it allows your skin to breathe freely.

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Showing all 2 results