Long socks

Here you can discover the elegance and comfort of our men’s long socks, cut just under the knee. All our socks, have a perfect fit on the foot and leg with absolutely no constrictions.

How our long socks are made

Our long socks are made in the shape of the foot and not tubular, the toe and the heel are reinforced by using double fabric; furthermore to guarantee supreme comfort, we use the slow and complicated hand linking process to join both the toe and the heel parts to the sock. This procedure, ensures that there are absolutely no seams. By eliminating all seams and producing a seamless garment, we are certain that there is nothing which can irrate the skin by rubbing inside the shoe, thus providing a maximum level of comfort. Furthermore the ribbed knee border is made using a Lyrca micro fiber which when compared to a normal rubber elastic softer on the skin and more resistant.

The long socks are made in different natural materials; we can offer a choice of either a ribbed or a plain design knitted fabric . Our fabrics range from the classic Lisle cotton yarn to the luxurious cashmere and silk.In between we have  many various combinations; here you will find long socks to satisfy your every need . The use of natural fibers allows the feet to breathe freely and therefore avoid sweating. Our long socks, come in a range of four classic colours: navy blue, black, grey and  burgundy. As a result of using only pre-dyed thread, all of the colurs we offer have a high resistance when washing and a very solid colour.

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Showing all 4 results