Long socks – Elasticated Cotton



Long socks made in elasticated cotton smooth fabric and plain colour.

94% Lisle cotton yarn
6% lycra

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Long socks – Elasticated cotton – Art. Flex

Long socks made in an elasticated cotton, the knitted fabric makes these socks very fresh and soft, the lycra is added to ensure a closer fit.

How it’s made

The production process for this article is very complicated and everything is made in house, to maximise quality control. This product is made in the shape of the foot and not tubular, the toe and the heel are reinforced by using double fabric; furthermore there are absolutely no seams; the seams have been eliminated by hand linking to ensure there is nothing to irrate the skin by rubbing inside the shoe. The hand linking is used to close the front toe using the original thread and a continual knit; This process  joins together 2 parts which otherwise should be seamed; the result is a completely  smooth and uniform high quality garment. The elasticated cuff is made by using Lycra microfiber instead of  the classic rubber elastic; consequently the cuff is more comfortable and resistant during washing, in fact, lycra microfiber is far more durable than rubber elastic

Charateristics of the long socks in elasticated cotton

The style of this product is very classic, but its simplicity results from an in depth study, due to this, the fit is always perfect. The main charateristics of this garment are extreme freshness and an excellent hygroscopicity, to absorb perspiration; furthermore the elasticated fabric makes these socks extremely contoured. These socks are ideal for every occasion, above all they can be worn in every season; the knitted elasticated cotton  gives great freshness and comfort, furthermore the fabric is quite light and is not transparent.

The colour

This garment is coloured using a coloured thread, so the fabric is made already coloured and no dyeing is necessary; the results of this process are brightness, deep tone and a resistence to fading. This fabric is double mercerized, first as thread and then again as fabric, to guarantee maximum brightness and freshness.

Each garment is individually hand made with maxium attention to detail.


Lisle cotton yarn


Singed cotton

Care of cotton

Hand linking

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Black, Blue, Grey


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