Stomach Warmer

Here you can discover our specialised product: the stomach warmer made in a Australian Merino wool, which is one of the highest quality wools produced in the world today.

How it’s made.

Our stomach warmer is made in two pieces: it has two seams one at each side. It has a ribbed border both at the top and at the bottom, made directly onto the fabric in the same way as a jumper has wristbands. Our stomach warmer, does not have any horizontal seams, which could cause irritation. Other benefits of this style, are its invisibility when worn under shirts or jumpers and its perfect close fit to the body. The fabric we use to make our stomach warmer, is a very soft and warm tricot  fabric. The tricot knitting technique, makes the final garment slightly heavier, and also more durable. Some main charateristics of this unusual garment, are its warmth, softness and thickness. Furthermore it also has an excellent hygroscopicity; this means, it has the ability to absorb perspiration and remain dry without retaining any odour.

This unique garment, the stomach warmer, is perfect for cold winters or outdoor sports; It is ideal for riders, both horses or motorbikes also for those who suffer with the cold. The stomach warmer provides protection and warmth without any constriction. All of our fabrics are made in house using the highest quality natural fibers. Natural fibers are hypoallergenic, meaning they do not irrate the skin and are ideal  for people for suffer from allergies; they also allow the body to breathe freely. This garment is produced only in the fabrics’ natural colour in order not to ruin the fibers.

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    Stomach Warmer – Wool

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