Welcome to the world of longjohns, one of the most ancient men’s underwear garments, a necessity in every winter wardrobe. Here you will find a wide collection in many natural fibers.

How our longjohns are made

We use the CAD design system to ensure that all garments are accurately and symmetrically cut. This procedure, when it is combined with the use of the finest natural fabrics, produces a perfect fit. Our longjohns, have a three button front opening to enable waist adjustment, making this garment even more comfortable. Equally important, the cut of the leg is fitted and has a high ribbed ankle border. This holds the garment in position, making these longjohns ideal under trousers.

This unusual garment is perfect for cold winters days, nights and outside sporting events; we produce longjohns in a vast range of fabrics; beginning with the basic wool and cotton based mixes and finishing with the most luxurious fabrics such as  cashmere and pure silk. This extremely comfortable and useful garment is ideal for riders (of both horses and motorbikes) or hunters for the reason that  it provides warmth and protection without any constrictions on the body.

All of the fabrics used to make our longjohns are made in house using the highest quality natural fibers; The use of natural fibers helps to eliminate the possibility of skin allergies and allows your body to breathe, thus reducing the risk of excess sweating. The colour of our longjohns remains fixed due to the fact that the thread we use is already dyed; this process makes the colour very solid and resistent to fading.

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  • Longjohns interlock wool

    Longjohns – Interlock – Wool

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  • longjohns

    Longjohns – Interlock – Wool and Silk

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  • longjohns silk

    Longjohns – Ribbed – Silk

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  • Longjohns ribbed wool

    Longjohns – Ribbed – Wool

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  • Longjohns ribbed wool and silk

    Longjohns – Ribbed – Wool and Silk

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  • longjohns cashmere

    Longjohns – Ribbed- Cashmere and Silk

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  • Longjohns tricot wool

    Longjohns – Tricot – Wool

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  • longjohns wool and cotton

    Longjohns – Wool and Cotton

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