Welcome to the world of men’s briefs. Discover our wide selection of products, try our garments all cut and assembled for your maximum comfort. Each pair of briefs is produced in house by our skilled seamstresses and has to pass our strict quality controls.

How our briefs are made

Our briefs are very lightweight and have an unbeatable fit. The reason for this, is because they are made in the highest quality Lisle cotton yarn or pure silk. The fabric choice, when combined with the fact that all of the individual details have been studied and analysed, provides a supreme level of comfort and in addition, ensures these briefs have a perfect support. Equally important, is the use of CAD design system; this allows each garment to be made with great precision and symmetry. It is fundamental, that there are no constrictions or bad fitting, as this  garment provides support to a very delicate area of the body, so the design must be perfect!

Our wide collection includes both open and closed front briefs, another design option is the height of the side, this allows us to meet the different needs of our clients. Furthermore even the seams  of our briefs have been subjected to an in-depth study; In fact most of them are flat and sewn in cotton, to avoid irritation. Finally, in most cases the elastic waistband is covered to increase comfort.

All of our briefs are made from fabric, produced in-house, using top quality natural fibers. Natural fibers are hypoallergenic, this means they avoid irration and allergies. Thus they are very beneficial to the skin and subsequently your health. The threads used are already dyed guaranteeing maximum stability of colour.

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Showing all 14 results