Briefs – Ribbed Silk – 707


ART. 55 U 707

briefs in pure silk

Side height: cm 9.5
Crotch height: cm 27
Waist elastic: mm 30 covered

Silk fabric provides an excellent insulation in respect of its minimum weight.

Each garment is individually hand made with maxium attention to detail.

Average garment weight gr. 50
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High rise briefs – art. 55 U 707

High rise briefs made in pure silk. This fabric is one of the mst luxurious in the world of natural fibers

How they’re made

The production process for this article is very long, everything is made in house, to allow us to maximise quality control. The pattern is developed on CAD (Computer Aided Design) and all the pieces are optimized to obtain a perfect fit; using the computer ensures that the size of the leg openings are absolutely equal, consequently the comfort and the fit are perfect. The elastic in the waistband is entirely covered by the ribbed fabric therefore it is hypoallergenic, in addition it is sewn to stop rotation during washing; all the stitching is made in silk to help avoid irritation and the seams are flat as a result they are very comfortable in the most delicate points.

Charateristics of silk High rise briefs

Due to the waistband sitting just below the belly button these high rise briefs fit very well, they provide a traditional fit, furthermore there is no bunching or rising up of the material. The product is very fitted due to the fabric choice, the front part is anatomically shaped and the fabric is doubled to give an unbeatable support. This garment is perfect after washing, due to the accuracy on production and the long rest period of the fabric.

The colour of our High rise briefs

This garment is coloured using a coloured thread, so the fabric is made already coloured and no dyeing is necessary; brightness, deep tone and a resistence to fading, are some benefits of this process.

Side height: cm 9,5 – 3.90 in
Crotch height: cm 27- 10.63 in
Waist elastic – covered: cm 3 – 1.18 in

Average garment weight: gr. 50

Each garment is individually made with great attention to detail

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