Welcome to the world of the classic boxers, always a staple item in men’s underwear. Here you will find both comfort and elegance mixed together in our luxurious underwear all of which is completely hand made in house, thus guaranteeing garments of the highest quality.

How our boxers are made

The precision of our cut when it is matched with the use of our top quality natural fabrics, ensures our boxers have a perfect fit; each individual detail has been carefully analysed and studied in order to provide maximum comfort for our clients. In fact thanks to the use of the CAD design system every part of our boxers are made symmetrically; consequently the size development is absolutely accurate.

Our boxers, have a high elasticated waistband, in order to distribute the pressure; the higher the waistband the less is the pressure, consequently the comfort level is greater even during long periods of use. Depending on the boxers model and the fabric used, the cut of the leg can be either wide or fitted. In fact, our boxers made in Lisle cotton yarn as well as those made in woven fabric, have a wide leg cut. Due to the fact that woven fabric is very rigid, this type of boxers have side splits to ensure ease of movement. In cases where the model is made in an elasticated fabric, the cut of the leg is fitted, to provide maximum support.

All of the fabrics used to make our boxers, are produced on site in our factory, under our strict quality controls; as a result of this, we are able to ensure that there will be no allergic reactions caused by the use of poor quality or cheap materials. We rigorously control every aspect of the fabric production beginning with the first step; the choosing of the natural fibers passing through to the chemicals used in the dying treatment and concluding with  the final phase  the resting period. In addittion, as a final touch, all the stitching is made using cotton thread.

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  • Boxer briefs ribbed cotton

    Boxer Briefs – Ribbed Cotton – 767

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    Boxers – Cotton fabric

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    Boxers – Stretch cotton – 765

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    Boxers Classic Style – Jersey Cotton – 710

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