Short Socks

Here you can discover the ease and comfort of our men’s short socks; cut above the ankle for those of you who don’t like compression on your calves.

These socks have a perfect fit on the foot with absolutely no constrictions; they are made in natural materials including top quality Lisle cotton yarn and wool. They are available in two types of knitted fabric both ribbed and plain. We produce these short socks  in a selection of classic colours, including grey, black, navy blue and burgundy. All of our colours are very resistent when washing due to the fact we use only  pre-dyed thread which ensures great solidarity of colour.

How our short socks are made

This product is made in the shape of the foot and not tubular, the toe and the heel are reinforced by using double fabric; furthermore to guarantee supreme comfort we use the slow and complicated hand linking process to ensure there are absolutely no seams. By eliminating all seams and producing a seamless garment we are certain that there is nothing which can irrate the skin by rubbing inside the shoe, thus providing a maximum level of comfort.  The use of natural fibers allows the feet to breathe freely therefore avoiding sweathing. These short socks have a ribbed and lightly elasticated border which holds the socks in place. This border is made using Lycra micro fiber which is more resistent when washing and softer on the skin when compared to a normal rubber elastic.

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  • Ribbed short socks – Cotton

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