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Ribbed fabric

Ribbed fabric

The Ribbed fabric was created to give volume and elasticity, hence we can realise very comfortable garments; this fabric can be made using different fibers, Lisanza Uomo uses only the best quality; such as: Lisle Cotton Yarn, cashmere and silk,  merino wool, wool and silk and pure silk

Charateristics of ribbed fabric

The main strenghts of this fabric are elasticity and also complete stability; due to this particular production process, where the horizontal and the vertical needles work together, the ribbed fabric is absolutely stable. Consequently, these charateristics, make this fabric ideal for underwear with a perfect fit and no constrictions; furthermore, in order to make our garments even more comfortable, we produce them without any side seams; for this reason, we need circular machines with different diameters, hence, we have one machine for each size.

macchina circolare a costina


Ribbed fabric is made by circular machines in which  the Needles both  vertical and horizontal work alternatively; the thread makes a kind of  continuos ” 8 ” shape that generates the ribs, as a result; this particular fabric has a natural elasticity.

ribbed fabric structure

Once completed, the ribbed fabric has to be ironed with a particular machine; this machine has a vibrating belt, the fabric is passed over this whilst simultaneosly being steamed , consequently it shrinks and stabilizes; finally, the fabric is folded and left to rest for several weeks, as a result the shrinking problems are reduced to a minimum.


This fabric is very elastic, voluminous and above all breathable; consequently, this fabric is ideal for all wool based products where softness and fit are certainly improved; due to its constructive charateristics, a lot of air is trapped inbetween the fibers, hence it is absorbent and above all has maximum insulation.

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