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Bespoke underwear

Bespoke underwear

When you talk about large sizes or made to measure, we immediately think about garments like jackets, shirts, trousers and so on. Don’t forget that underwear also is part of this exclusive world. The idea is to create bespoke underwear, to give to everyone the opportunity to wear high quality garments made in Italy. Even though, it’s true that most designers have started to produce non standard sizes, it’s also true that this trend does not extend to top quality bespoke underwear.

bespoke underwear(bespoke pattern)

The concept of bespoke underwear

Visconti di Angera, creates bespoke or made to measure underwear we are able to due this due to the fact that we have in house production;  our aim is to produce a garment which adapts to the person and not the contrary.

We are living in a pretty and perfect world; the images under our eyes are of men and women who are perfect like statues, often this is the result of long  work on the computer modifying all the defects, the legs get elongated, the body sculptured and all the wrinkles erased. These avatars don’t exist, the reality is normal men and women who are all different shapes and sizes and their bodies do not generally conform to the fashion trend which wants everybody to be fit, tall and pretty. It is not a sin to be unfit and these people should not be forced to wear lower quality garments. Visconti di Angera has decided to meet this need in the market we produce top quality garments and we have the ability to adapt our fiting to the person and not vice versa.



This is our aim: alongside our basic line, we have created a new made to measure production, you provide us with your measurements and we will design for you  confortable, high quality underwear with a perfect fit. For example, the young generation are generally taller, in this case they will need longer t-shirts. We can easily add the required centimetres to the garment lenght. It is clear that there are also people who are below average height, so we are also able to produce shorter lenght t-shirts; our production system enables us to satisfy all requirements; in one word, tailored underwear.

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The possibilities

We can use the concept of tailored underwear in 3 different ways, according to the need:

Special gaments: In this case we modify a basic garment; for example we can elongate or shorten the body or the sleeves of an existing model. This solution is certainly the fastest and cheapest because we don’t need to produce a new pattern.

Made to Measure garments: Exactly as the words say, in this case we make a new pattern based on the measurements the client provides. The variations here are limitless, the outcome is a unique garment, exactly like a bespoke suit. The pattern once created is stored enabling you to re-order at any time.

Large sizes: in this area we put together the two former points, in fact we can start from a basic garment in size XL and we can grade this up without any limits; or we can design a new pattern following the client’s size and shape. If the client has an existing garment, we can use this to create a new pattern and reproduce the garment. This sample has to be shipped to our company where we can digitalise using the CAD system. After that we will create a sample garment which will be shipped to you to test. Once confirmed we will start the production.

How to start

If you would like bespoke underwear, please contact the company by phone or email. Here our qualified personel will explain how to proceed, which measuremnts we require and how you should take them. They can also provide you with a quote and an estimate on the production time. If you prefer you can visit our factory in the opening hours or call to make a private appointment.

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