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Made in Italy

Made in Italy

Made in Italy brand can only be used on products made 100% in Italy.

Behind this brand there are very strict european laws regarding the origin of the products. According to the study made by Made-In-Country-Index (MICI) 2017 and published by Forbes magazine, on the 27/03/2017, the Made in Italy brand was in 7 th place in terms of  consumer reputation. In fact, the marketing research company KPMG, placed this brand 3rd in terms of popularity, with only Coca Cola e Visa ahead of it.


made in italy


Historically, this brand has been used by Italian producers since the beginning of the 80’s; its function is to avoid cheap imitations of well known Italian products. Italian goods are generally associated with high quality, elegance and design. These charateristics created a great commercial advantage for Italy; clothing, food, furniture and cars are the 4  principal fields.

The Laws

The basic structure was established by the Madrid agreement of the 14th  April  1891 and confirmed in Italy by law number 676 in 1967. In particular, it established that the brand Made in Italy guarantees the Italian origin of the product. Since 1999 this brand has been endorsed by a lot of commercial associations, in 2009 there was a new copyright law that protects the brand.

The importance of made in Italy brand

This brand, has become very important for the italian export trade thanks to its worldwide reputation. In January 2014 the Google Cultural Institute together with the Italian Government and Chamber of Commerce, started an online project to promote the brand, using virtual showroom technology. The 1st of May 2016 the new European custom law became effective; this law established that in fields such as clothing and shoes, it is obbligatory to put a label showing where each phase of production was completed. Thanks to this law the origin of the goods is ensured; in fact the Made in Italy brand can only be used on products where 100% of production has been completed in Italy.


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