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Pyjamas -The history

The word pyjamas derives from the Persian word “پايجامه pāy-jāme” meaning clothing for the legs;  it refers to trousers which are very lightweight and wide cut, they were worn by both men and women. In the west however, this word refers to sleeping garments, comprised of a jacket or t-shirt on the top part of the body, whilst on the bottom half very loose comfortable trousers to cover the legs. The widespread use of pyjamas, can be credited to the English and their presence in the Middle East; infact, from 1600’s, when the British Colonists, returned home from Persia, bringing “the pyjamas”  with them, thus introducing this new garment into Europe. but, in fact, the widescale use began after 1870, in this period they were worn only by males.

How they’re made

Pyjamas can be worn in summer or winter; the sleeve and trouser length can be either long or short, depending on the season; also the weight of the fabric, can be chosen to suit the temperature. The most commonly used fiber is cotton; this fiber can be used to make many different fabrics including knitted jersey. Jersey is the perfect fabric for pyjamas, in fact, due to its natural elasticity, it is very comfortable and fresh. Obviously, pyjamas can be made in many other fabrics, for instance silk, for luxurious garments and linen which is ideal for the summer months.

The style of the pyjamas, changes following the type of fabric. If it’s a rigid fabric the jacket will resemble a shirt to guarantee an easy fit; the winter design, has a jacket with an open collar, which makes the pyjamas more elegant and protective, vice versa in summer the jacket is collarless making the garment fresher.



The pyjamas made in a knitted jersey fabric, are definitely more versatile, because they can be made in many different designs, thanks to the natural elasticity of this fabric. In fact, these types of pyjamas are often collarless, because these garments are more sporty than elegant. It is possible to choose, from V-neck, crew neck, polo neck and the open front cardigan. Obviously they are available in both short or long version as illustrated below.



Our Garments

Our company creates a wide selection of pyjamas made in Lisle cotton yarn jersey. The knitted fabric, is made in house to guarantee the highest quality possible. The thread, is already dyed for the maximum colour saturation and colour durability. Furthermore we use Egyptian cotton with a very fine title; this fact, allows us to produce a very lightweight fabric, which is very fresh. The mercerising treatment we use, gives the fabric great stability and a very small shrinkage percentage. The double twisted thread, used in the producion of our fabric, helps the garments to mantain the correct shape after washing.

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