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Vest – The origins

The vest is an historic garment, it takes his origins from the sport of rowing, where it was used by the athletes.  Legend says that the French nobleman Jean Des Fauches ripped the collar and sleeves away from his shirt in a moment of rage as they were annoying him, thus creating the first ever vest . In fact this garment is very comfortable allowing the maxium range of movement to the arms.

canottiera(Canottieri in azione)

Vests in Films

Vest has become famous thanks to some films where the leading actor wears this garment to give character to the role; the most famous ones being “On the Waterfront” starring Marlon Brando, the italian “Rocco e i suoi fratelli” starring Renato Salvatori, and finally “Die Hard” starring Bruce Willis. Without any doubt a dirty and ripped vest adds to the image of toughness, needed in these roles; this fact makes the vest very popular.

canottiera(Marlon Brando)

canottiera(Bruce Willis)

Recently famous people such as Barack Obama, or the italian politician Umberto Bossi have been photographed wearing a vest, which proves the popularity of this garment. Furthermore in the world of music, who doesn’t remember Freddie Mercury, lead singer of Queen on stage in his white vest. Despite its simplicity, this garment remains a fashion staple.

(Freddie Mercury)

How it’s made

The vest comes in many styles, for example the shoulder straps can be narrow or wide, also the neckline can have different depts, ranging from shallow to deep with many variations in between. In the same way the width of the armhole varies based on the needs of the wearer. The vest can be made in many different fabrics, allowing it to be worn in all seasons. Our company produces this item in several natural materials including pure wool, a wool and silk mix , pure silk,a cashmere and silk  mix and lisle cotton

Nearly all of our vests are made in a tubular fabric , and cut in a way that eliminates side seams guaranteeing maxium comfort. The most suitable fabric is knitted with ribs; this material has a natural elasticity which allows a better fit; in addition for the warm seasons, we produce also in a jersey fabric made of Lisle cotton yarn which is one of the lightest fabrics available; in this case the vest has side seams.

vest(Wide strap vest)

vest(Narrow strap vest)

(Wide strap details)

The evolution of the vest

Nowadays the classic vest remains one of the best selling garments ever, but despite this fact, there has been a style evolution. New models have transformed the look of this product, whilst managing to keep the original charateristics such as comfort and practicallity. With this in mind, our company has immediately designed two new models to face the needs of the market. The first new vest style is without sleeves and has a deep V-neck; this garment provides a perfect fit and is completely invisible under shirts; equally important the armhole is a close fit to allow a good absorption of perspiration.

sleeveless v neck vest(V-neck without sleeves)

The second vest design is a sleeveless crew neck; this model is ideal when worn under the shirt with a closed collar. In fact, the cut of the neck line is in designed for maximum comfort. Furthermore the armholes as on the previous model have a close fit to allow a good absorption of perspiration. Its shape ensures that is this garment is invisible under tailored shirts. Another advantage of these new designs is that the straps and armholes are cut to match the sleeve seams on shirts thus eliminating any possiblity to be seen.

Sleeveless crew neck vest(Sleeveless crew neck)



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