V – Neck Short sleeves – Wool


ART. 04 U 311

V neck short sleeve in extra fine pure australian merino wool for maximum warmth and softness.

Average garment weight: gr. 150

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V neck short sleeves – art. 04 U 311

V neck short sleeves made in a ribbed Merino wool fabric. This garment is ideal in cold winter.

How it’s made

The production process for this article is very complicated and everything is made in house, to allow us to maximise quality control. The pattern is developed on CAD (Computer Aided Design) and all the pieces are optimized to obtain a perfect fit; after the garment is assembled with great care and precision. Using the CAD provides utmost accuracy in the shaping and in the size developing; using this system we don’t have any size limits, so we can realize bespoke garments on clients request.

Charateristics of V neck short sleeves made in a ribbed wool fabric

This garment has a deep cut V neck that is particularly comfortable and designed not to be seen under open neck or polo shirts. The main qualities of this garment are its extreme warmth, softness and excellent hygroscopicity, the capacity to absorb perspiration; Merino wool is a very soft, warm and very durable fabric. Consequently, these charateristics, make this very light fabric ideal for underwear with a perfect fit and no constrictions; the fabric together with the very comfortable cut, makes this garment, perfect in cold winters. In addition, in order to make our garments even more comfortable, we produce them without any side seams; for this reason, we need circular machines with different diameters, hence, we have one machine for each size.

This garment is very good after washing, because of the high quality of the Merino wool.

The colour of our V neck short sleeves wool

This garment is coloured using a coloured thread, so the fabric is made already coloured and no dyeing is necessary; the results of this process is a deep tone also a resistence to fading.

Average garment weight 150 grams

Each garment is individually hand made with maxium attention to detail.

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