Wide Strap Vest – Wool and Cotton


ART. LC 200

Wide strap vest in wool and cotton. One fabric made by two separate layers. This fabric has an excellent stability when washing.

Each garment is individually hand made with maxium attention to detail.

Average garment weight: gr. 120
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Wide strap vest – art. LC 200

Wide strap vest made in a wool and cotton fabric. This fabric is created by the joining together of  two specific fabrics; on the outside there is the wool while the cotton is on the inside.

How it’s made

The production process for this wide strap vest made in wool and cotton is very complicated and everything is made in house, to maximise quality control; the pattern is developed on CAD (Computer Aided Design) and all the pieces are optimized to obtain a perfect fit. After the garment is assembled with maximum care and precision; using the computer provides utmost accuracy in the shaping and in the size developing. Using this system we don’t have any limits, so we can realize bespoke garments on clients request.

Charateristics of wide strap vest made in wool and cotton

This product has a classic cut, with wide straps enabling a very comfortable fit. The main purpose of the fabric is to avoid the wool being in contact with the skin, this is achieved by interposing a layer of cotton. The main charateristics of this garment are its extreme warmth, softness and excellent hygroscopicity, to absorb perspiration; consequently, these charateristics, make this fabric ideal for those who have allergy problems but want the warmth wool provides.

The fabric together with the very comfortable cut, makes this garment, perfect in winter. Furthermore, in order to make our garments even more comfortable, we produce them without any side seams. In the production of this complicated fabric, we use speciality machines which are able to produce to two fabrics simultaneously; for this reason, we need circular machines with different diameters, hence, we have one machine for each size. This vest is perfect after washing, because the cotton joined to the wool brings stability, softness and prevents felting.

The colour

We do not colour this fabric because the dyeing process would decrease the fiber’s natural softness.

Average garment weight 120 grams

Each garment is individually hand made with maxium attention to detail.


Wool and cotton

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