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Care of cashmere

Care of cashmere

For the best care of cashmere we recommend either hand washing or using the delicate cycle on the washing machine; cashmere loves water.

Hand washing tips

Always use warm water and a specialised detergent; let the garment soak for about 15 minutes. Obviously avoid rubbing or twisting the garment. Finally rinse with cold water.


care of cashmere

Machine Washing – care of cashmere

Choose  the delicate cycle on the machine, this is a specialised program that washes wollen garments at a temperature of 30°, temeratures lower than 30° are useless because the dirt will not dissolve.


At tempertures higher than 30° you risk ruining the fibers; always use small amounts of the specialised detergent and use the lowest spin cycle, lay the garment flat to dry; top tip: we recommend using a towel to remove the excess water.

Ironing and storage – care of cashmere

If the washing instructions have been correctly followed it should not be necessary to iron the garment; our advice for the best storage of cashmere items is to keep them inside out and at a low room temperature; this will avoid damaging the fibers, if you want to use steam keep it at a distance of 5 cm from the garment.

Top tips: store the garment inside out, protect it with a cotton cloth / bag  and if you must iron use a very low temeprature


The first time you wear your cashmere garment it is possible that it do something we call “pilling”; this is the formation of small irregular balls of cashmere,  known as pills; these pills are caused by rubbing and are non considered a sign of inferior quality cashmere but rather a result of wear. In fact after two or three washes the excess fluff will disappear and the fibers will re appear in all their original beauty; if is possible to manually remove these “pills” with the help of a soft brush or specialised comb.

Frequent washing is not a problem as cashmere loves water;  the Hircus goats ( from whom we collect the fibers) live in difficult conditions, in the open air often with a lot of rain; when they are wet the fibers get soft and expand but when they dry, they return to their original state;  following this characteristic your cashmere garment renews itself after every wash.


In the warm seasons if not covered cashmere will attract moths, who love this precious fiber; to protect from moths  you can fill a hankerchief with lavender , cloves, mint and cinnamon, place this inside the folded cashmere garment before storing in the wardrobe; it is very important not to hang the cashmere garments but to store them folded.

Top tips: store your cashmere garments in a sealed box or packet; regularly spray your wardrobe with an anti-moths product.

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